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sailor moon

SailorMoon is the leader of the sailor scouts.She is the Moon Princess.She is a clutzy crybaby but that is why most people like her.Her boyfriend is Darien [aka]Tuxedo Mask but her dad dont like her  having a boyfriend at such a young age.Her best friend is Molly.She has a brother named Sammy.She lives with her mom and dad and she has a cat named Luna, that can talk. She is late for school all the time and at one point she had a crush on Andrew.Early in the show her and Darien did not like each other but she had a crush on him as Tuxedo Mask.Here is some more info on her:



hair color-blond

eyes color-blue


likes-Eating and video games

dislikes-Surprise tests in school


strength-Loyal friend

favorite food-Peanut butter and jelly and ice cream

favorite color-Pink

favorite animal-Bunny rabbit

favorite subject-Music