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This is my favorite scout..........................
Ami aka Amy whatever you call her I call her Amy so anyways Amy is the smart scout with a I.Q. of 300. She lives with her mom, you never see her dad so I think that they are divorced. Her mom is a doctor. Amy wants to become a doctor and she had a chance to become one but she stayed with the scouts.She loves computers and takes a computer class at night. She has the VR visor, it tells her what the weak point and strong point of the enemy that they are fighting.
She has a boyfriend named Greg.Here is some more info on her:
real name-Amy Anderson 
hair color-blue
eyes color-blue
likes-Books and chess
dislikes-Practical jokes and love notes
special strengths-inteligents
favorite food-Sandwiches
favorite color-Blue
favorite animal-Cat 
favorite subject-Math
least favorite subject-none

more info soon to come

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