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about sailor mars

Well if you ask me Mars is the most obnoxious scout 
there is.She always makes fun of Sailor Moon and 
has a fit when she does not get her way.But that is 
what i think,That's why you may love her. So I am giving you info on her.She lives with her grandad and no mom and dad, why I dont know. I think they died.
Her power is Fire.She does not have a boyfriend though at one point she had a crush on Darien,but he never really liked her like that.Early in the show she said that Serena was to much of a clut's to be the leader and tried to take over.She made Sailor Mercery say the same but Sailor Jupiter stood up and said 'Serena is a good leader when she puts her mined to it'.
here is some more info on Mars:
hair color-black
eyes color-brown
B-day-April 17
likes- Meditation   
favorite food-Vegetarian pizza
favorite color-Red
favorite animal-Panda
favorite subject-Classical litterature


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