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More info on the members

Jarvis Cocker
Nick Banks
Steve Mackey
Candida Doyle
Mark Webber

Info on the band

Pulp began at the City Comprehensive, Sheffield in 1978. The original line-up was Mark Swift,David Lockwood, Peter Dalton and jarvis cocker. The original name of Pulp was Arabacus Pulp. This was soon shortened to Pulp because nobody else knew what the full name meant.In the beginning, practises were held at jarvis's granny's house and the first song ever written was called "Shakespeare Rock".David lockwood's departure heralded the beginnings of an unsteady line-up when he left and was replaced by Philip Thompson.Pulp's first project was a film which was made before thay played any concerts."The Three spartans", which was shown at school with a 10p admission fee,only featured two spartans - the third was depicted by a hat on a cane.