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"Blood Tub's" horror sites

Hey people, because Pulp is really starting to die out here in the Sates, I have desided to rebuild my Pulp site. The site has kind of been torn into the ground here, so I am going to rebuild it from the ground up. But because I don't like Tripod® anymore, I will be rebuilding the site on GeoCites® the New Address to Ashes Pulp Site will be feel free to check out the work I have done with it and let me know what you think. - 11/15/01

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We shall fight them in "The beeches"- and "The Stag and "The king's head" if it comes to that. You know the score- ten blokes with 'taches in short-sleeved white shirts telling you that you're the weirdo.

Fear not brothers and sisters - we shall prevail,Live on.

"It's ok to grow up - just as long as you don't grow old. Face it...... You are young

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