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O.K. well here is some info on the show...............
It is about 5 fourteen year old girls.that find out that in there past  they lived on planets.....
Mercery,Mars,Venus,Moon and Jupiter.But one day while they were all on the moon there was a atack on them by the negaverse,they tried to stop them but the rainbow fighters were too much. With all her power the Moon Queen put the rainbow fighters in 5 crystals
and sent  The scouts scouts to a pease full planet named earth .The crystals with the rainbow fighters  had left the Moon and went to earth, some how kids  had the the crystals in side of them. The good friends of the scouts Luna and Artemis [the cats] were told by the moon queen to go to earth and look after them.
 On the way they said they should split up.They knew what they had to do,find all the scouts if the evil negaverse ever came back.Later on at the moon.The Moon was in ruins, the Moon Queen thinking of what she had done, died...........Will Luna and Artemis find the scouts? Will thay find each other?Watch the show and find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!