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Dear Adam Sandler

Hello my name is adam jackson (Love your first name) and I am a very big fan of you, I have all your albums. My fav is "What the hell happend to me?". I love the goat and I hope that one day the old man will lighten up on him. I have also seen you live on HBO and I wish I was the guy that jumped up on stage. I also love all of your movies. You and Steve Busceni are my fav actors and I love it when you are in the same movie. Like Airheads and The Wedding Singer. I was wondering if you could help me out on something? I just seen a movie with you in it a few days ago on cable, where you were a clown and bobcat was in it too... well I was wondering what the name of that movie was.
I was wondering if you could send me a signed 8x10 of you?
My addy is

Adam Jackson 11020 Appomattox Alta Loma, CA 91701

Thanks alot for your.

P.S. I know if it wasnt in a movie you could kick Bob Barker's ass!