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Welcome to my Blood Page

You you dont know by now this site is on the Computer 3D game Blood
On it you will find things like tips, hints, cheat codes, pics, on
line gaming places where you can play blood with other people,
down load the demo, and much much more.
Let me start off by telling you that i have played alot of games and
blood is the best i've ever played.
Heres the story of blood. After you read it you will find a few links
You carved your soul to shreds in service of a forgotten, terrible
god, but all your loyalty bought you were false promises and
betrayal. You were among the Chosen, Tchernobog's mostesteemed
generals, dark angels who were to standby his side and
inheril the earth. But that was not to be.

Cast down and once again a prisoner of mortal flesh, you must seek
out the rest of the Chosen-Ishmael, Gabriel, and your beloved Ophelia. Only
with your combined strength can you find your way back to the Hall of the
Epiphany and face Tchernobog again. Only then will you understand why he has
forsaken you. Your journey will not be an easy one, but one thing is certain.

Blood will flow.